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Susanne Bier

Det bli'r i familien (Family Matters)

98' - 1993 - Drama - Dialogue: Danish, Portuguese, English, Swedish
Director: Susanne Bier Composer: Joachim Holbek, Johan Söderqvist With: Philip Zandén, Ghita Nørby, Ernst-Hugo Järegård
Director Susanne Bier tells the story of Jan, who in his mid-30s suddenly finds he was adopted. After seeking out his biological mother, a former cabaret artist, the two set off by cab to a small Portuguese town to track down Jan’s true dad.
When they arrive, mom locks herself in her hotel room and forces Jan to conduct his own inquiry. On the way, he falls for the beautiful Constanca.

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Susanne Bier


Joachim Holbek, Johan Söderqvist


Philip Zandén, Ghita Nørby, Ernst-Hugo Järegård


Lars Kjeldgård, Philip Zandén

Director of Photography

Erik Zappon


Pernille Bech Christensen


Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Vibeke Windeløv

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Danish, Portuguese, English, Swedish

Countries of production

Denmark, Sweden



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