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Paul Czinner

Der Rosenkavalier

192' - 1961 - Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: German
Director: Paul Czinner With: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Otto Edelmann, Sena Jurinac
Rudolf Hartmann's stage production of Strauss' opera, in the sixties, quickly acquired a legendary status. Paul Czinner decided to preserve it on film. The opening credits proudly inform us that this is a film of "an actual performance' as opposed to what one is tempted to ask, for it does noet seem that we are watching a live performance in Salzburg, but rather a re-creation of one, perhaps in a theatre, perhaps in a film studio. As each act begins, we hear the applause; we see conductor Herbert van Karajan ascend, god-like, to the podium; we see the curtains open: but the camera, if not guilty of a lie, is at least telling a little fib. (Nick Kimberly)

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Paul Czinner


Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Otto Edelmann, Sena Jurinac


Hugo von Hofmannsthal

Director of Photography

S.D. Onions


Philip Barnikel


Paul Czinner

Non-original music

Richard Strauss

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"Der Rosenkavalier" (Richard Strauss en Hugo von Hofmannsthal)



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