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Gordian Maugg

Der olympische Sommer (The Olympic Summer)

Edition 1994
85' - 1993 - Drama, Sport - Dialogue: German
Director: Gordian Maugg Composer: Heidi Aydt, Frank Will With: Susanne Binninger, Jost Gerstein, Marcus Hambsch

In the summer of 1936, a 16-year-old butcher's apprentice from Pommern buys himself a bicycle to visit the Olympic Games. He leaves the confining atmosphere of the village and sets out on his adventure. After two days he reaches Berlin. Hungry and bewildered by the hectic of the town, he takes his first lunch in a restaurant, where he is observed by a young, rich, quite attractive widow. When she finds out why he has come to Berlin, she offers him her peaceful and stable boat house on the outskirts of the town, free of charge. The boy's trip to the Games turns out to be an unexpectedly pleasant surprise, an adventure that will determine his life.

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Gordian Maugg


Heidi Aydt, Frank Will


Susanne Binninger, Jost Gerstein, Marcus Hambsch


Gordian Maugg

Director of Photography

Andreas Giesecke


Behzad Beheshtipour, Monika Schindler


Susanne Binninger

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"The Apprentice" (Günther Rücker)



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