09 20 Oct '24
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Raoul Servais, Rudy Pinceel

Der lange Kerl

15' - 2021 - War, Drama, Animated film - Dialogue: German, French
Director: Raoul Servais, Rudy Pinceel Composer: Dirk Brossé With: Gilles De Schryver, Matthieu Sys

This short film is part of the Raoul Servais Shorts.

November 1914, the front in Flanders. In a partially destroyed aid station, the wounded French soldier François is the only one left. He lies on a field bed and has an open wound in the side. Suddenly, he sees the silhouette of a figure with a pointed helmet on its head looming. The inexperienced, young German, Friedrich, has been sent ahead because of his huge stature Friedrich has been sent in front to frighten the enemy. Slowly he steps toward the wounded man. Friedrich holds the only weapon he owns, a grenade, ready for use. Friedrich draws a revolver... Will the two young enemies kill each other or will the confrontation take a different turn?

During this public performance, music collective Boshaard will also give a preview of their theatre tour, during which they will provide live music for a number of Servais' short films.

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Raoul Servais, Rudy Pinceel


Dirk Brossé


Gilles De Schryver, Matthieu Sys


Raoul Servais

Director of Photography

Erwin Van der Stappen


Raoul Servais, Rudy Pinceel, Erwin Van der Stappen


Luc Van Driessche, Matthieu Liégeois

Executive Producer

Peter Decraene, Jacques Dubrulle

Art Director

Bas Temmermans

Production studios

Creative Conspiracy, Tchack

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German, French

Countries of production





Raoul Servais
Harbor Lights (short, 1960), November Diversion (short, 1962), The False Note (short, 1963), Chromophobia (short, 1965), Sirene (short, 1968), Goldframe (short, 1969), To Speak or Not to Speak (short, 1970), Operation X-70 (short, 1971), Pegasus (short, 1973), Het Lied van Haleweyn (short, 1976), Harpya (short, 1979), Die schöne gefangene (1982), Taxandria (1994), Nocturnal Butterflies (1998), Atraksion (short, 2001), Winter Days (short, 2003), Tank (short, 2015), Der Lange Kerl (short, 2021)

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