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Paulus Manker

Der Kopf des Mohren (The Moor's Head)

Edition 1995
110' - 1995 - Drama, Horror - Dialogue: German
Director: Paulus Manker With: Gert Voss, Angela Winkler, Leni Tanzer, Manuel Löffler
A breakdown of a large chemical plant leads to a major leakage of toxic gas, causing the death of several people. As the gas escapes into the environment, rescue services try to make the site safe and to rescue victims. The news about the chemical accident comes as a shock to Georg a well-off director of a scientific institute who is happily married and father of three children. Listening to the radio in his office he realises that the scene of the accident is only a mile and a half away. Despite the fact that his colleagues pay little attention to the catastrophe, Georg's rational perception of the world becomes transformed into frightful near-hallucinogenic visions.

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Paulus Manker


Gert Voss, Angela Winkler, Leni Tanzer, Manuel Löffler


Michael Haneke

Director of Photography

Walter Kindler


Michael Hudeck, Marie Homolkova


Veit Heiduschka

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