08 19 Oct '24
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Rainer Boldt

Der Geschichtenerzähler

Edition 1990
95' - 1989 - Thriller - Dialogue: German
Director: Rainer Boldt Composer: Serge Weber With: Udo Schenk, Anke Sevenich, Christine Kaufmann, Udo Schenk
The only thing that keeps Nico Thomkins and his wife Helen together is their love-hate relationship. He is an ambitious young writer who attempts to cover up his writer's black with his cynical attitude and his fantasies. He expects unconditional love from Helen, but she runs away to Sylt where she has an affair with a lawyer, a friend of her new neighbour. Left alone and shaken by Helen's desertion, Nico is able to write again, but his writing becomes increasingly unreal. Only slowly does he realize that he is being watched by his beautiful neighbour, Clara, who suspects him to have murdered his wife.

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Rainer Boldt


Serge Weber


Udo Schenk, Anke Sevenich, Christine Kaufmann, Udo Schenk


Rainer Boldt, Dorothea Neukirchen, Wolf Christian Schröder


Petra Heymann


Helmut Wietz

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Countries of production

West Germany

Screenplay based on

The Storyteller van Patricia Highsmith



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