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Yosuke Nakagawa


Edition 2001
80' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Yosuke Nakagawa Composer: Yamada Mayumi With: Keigo Heshiki, Tomoyuki Otsuka, Hirokazu Kagawa, Fujita Kumi
Kazuya, Masaru and Shusuke have been good friends. This coming spring, they are all graduating from high school in Okinawa. Each one of them will start a new life, which means they won’t be together anymore. That’s why they go for a drink the day before their departure. Kazuya is going to university in Tokyo. He has a girlfriend, Yukiko, but he hasn’t told her about his decision yet, because he has been very dependent on her emotionally and financially. But tonight is the time for him to be brave. Masaru is working alone in a Karaoke Box. There he meets a beautiful, but very mysterious girl, Ryoko, with whom he goes to a Love Hotel. Shusuke is going to London. He is looking for a girl to spend the night with. But he ends up being beaten up by boys who hate him for sleeping around with many girls. And when he awakes, the night is nearly over … (press kit)

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Fd04e841 6e8c 4443 bd9b 0ae86fad8255



Yosuke Nakagawa


Yamada Mayumi


Keigo Heshiki, Tomoyuki Otsuka, Hirokazu Kagawa, Fujita Kumi


Yosuke Nakagawa

Director of Photography

Yanagida Hiroo


Okumura Hiroshi


Otuka Kaori

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