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Stellan Olsson

Den store badedag (The Great Day on the Beach)

Edition 1992
100' - 1991 - Drama, Comedy, Family - Dialogue: Danish, Swedish
Director: Stellan Olsson Composer: Kasper Winding With: Erik Clausen, Nina Gunke, Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe
Copenhagen during the Depression. 10 year old Gustav Adolf lives with his parents Axel and Svea in a small dark flat. They live a relatively poor life, but the atmosphere is warm, loving and rich with laughter. Axel's Swedish wife Svea is longing for an out-door life and she wants to make a journey to the beach. Axel, who has lots of imagination and ideas, manages - despite his objections in the beginning - to arrange an excursion with all their neighbours to the beach. The journey becomes an overwhelming experience tor everybody - and especially for Gustav Adolf.

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Stellan Olsson


Kasper Winding


Erik Clausen, Nina Gunke, Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe


Stellan Olsson, Søren Skjær

Director of Photography

Søren Skjær


Grete Møldrup, Tómas Gislason


Henrik Møller-Sørensen

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Danish, Swedish

Countries of production

Denmark, Sweden

Screenplay based on

"Den store Vaderdag" (Palle Fischer)



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