09 20 Oct '24
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Gert de Graaff

De zee die denkt

100' - 2000 - Comedy, Biography, Adventure - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Gert de Graaff Composer: Giya Kancheli With: Bart Klever, Devika Strooker, Rick de Leeuw, Dan Duyns
The film focuses on Bart, a scriptwriter, who is writing the script of the film. He types what he does, and he does what he types. He finds the answer to the obsessing question: How do we find happiness? He uses stunning examples to show us that our world is only to be found in our consciousness. What is real and what is illusion? Do we believe in our dream world while we dream? Do we believe in the reality of film while we see it? And why? His combination of pictures and text has a hypnotic effect on the viewer. It provides an exciting, dislocating and humorous adventure. Then it becomes apparent that the film is not about this tormented scriptwriter at all. In a game filled with optical illusions and continually changing points of view, the surprised viewers gradually find out they are looking at themselves. (www.dezeediedenkt.nl)

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Gert de Graaff


Giya Kancheli


Bart Klever, Devika Strooker, Rick de Leeuw, Dan Duyns


Gert de Graaff

Director of Photography

Gert de Graaff


Gert de Graaff, Jan Dop


René Huybrechtse, René Scholten

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The Netherlands



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