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Paul Ruven

De Tranen van Maria Machita

Edition 1991
49' - 1991 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Paul Ruven Composer: Frank Affolter With: Ellen Ten Damme, Ali Cifteci, Jacques Herb
This film is without any doubt the most original production ever to be made by a student at Amsterdam's Film Academy, and at the same time one of the most remarkable Dutch productions ever. The Tears of Maria Machita Is a real tear-jerker at first glance. Maria Is a lovely young girl who has to take care of her brothers and sisters after their parents' premature death. With real devotion, she dedicates herself to this life-task, but only tears befall her.
Subsequently, she falls in love with a young Turk, who eventually leaves her for his home country, and with Elbert, who prefers the company of his gay friends instead of Maria's. In the end, she decides to seek divine intervention...

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Paul Ruven


Frank Affolter


Ellen Ten Damme, Ali Cifteci, Jacques Herb


Paul Ruven, Mike Van diem

Director of Photography

Mark van Aller, Erik Bannenberg


Sander Vos


Bastiaan Anink, Erik Luijten

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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