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Casper Verbrugge

De KKKomediant (The Illusionist)

Edition 1986
92' - 1986 - Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Casper Verbrugge With: Freek de Jonge, Rosita Tamara, Johnny Van Elk
Freek De Jonge (born 1944) produced
some 14 theatre programmes between
1970 and 1986. He has become one of
the Netherlands' most popular
theatre performers. He started his career
with Neerlands Hoop (The Netherlands'
Hope), together with Bram Vermeulen.
He went on on his own in 1980,
developing into one of Holland's most
influential renovators in the theatre. His
work always shows politica! and social
commitment, and his humour is
characterized by a tendency to
absurdicism. In 1983 he made his
film debut in Stelling's The Illusionist.

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Casper Verbrugge


Freek de Jonge, Rosita Tamara, Johnny Van Elk


Casper Verbrugge

Director of Photography

Jules van den Steenhoven


Ot Louw


Dirk Schreiner

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Bedevaart" (Freek De Jonge)



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