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Alex Van Warmerdam

De jurk (The dress)

Edition 1996
103' - 1996 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Alex Van Warmerdam Composer: Vincent van Warmerdam With: Henri Garcin, Ingeborg Elzevier, Khaldoun Elmecky
This film depicts the unglamorous life of a summer dress. During a meeting at which director Loohman of the clothing factory chooses a blue leaf pattern for the summer season, his advisor Van Tilt is dismissed on the spot after a severe fight. Loohman wishes him a very unhappy life. This unpleasant incident marks the entire career of the cursed Van Tilt and the dress. Its first proprietor is an elderly woman who gets so excited by it that it proves fatal for her weak heart. The wind carries the dress to Johanna, a charming young woman, who is noticed by a ticket collector on the train. This character goes berserk every time he sees the dress, to the extent of becoming a threat to all those who wear it...

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Alex Van Warmerdam


Vincent van Warmerdam


Henri Garcin, Ingeborg Elzevier, Khaldoun Elmecky


Alex Van Warmerdam

Director of Photography

Marc Felperlaan


René Wiegmans


Ton Schippers, Alex Van Warmerdam, Marc Van Warmerdam

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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