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Ben Sombogaart

De jongen die niet meer praatte (The boy who stopped talking)

Edition 1996
108' - 1996 - War, Drama, Family - Dialogue: Dutch, Kurdish
Director: Ben Sombogaart Composer: Nizamettin Ariç With: Erçan Orhan, Halsho Hussain, Brader Musiki
Memo lives with his mother and little sister in a Kurdish village in the mountains of eastern Turkey. His father works at the docks in Rotterdam, Holland. Memo keeps sheep, plays his flute and delivers the mail in his village. He is rewarded for his postal duties with chewing gum. When his father hears of the growing unrest at home he decides to bring his family to Holland. He makes a phone call to the head of the village - the only person with a telephone - and asks him to tell his family of his plans. Memo's mother accepts her husband's decision without protest but Memo is quite speechless. From this moment on, he refuses to say one word. In Holland life is very different. Memo just doesn't accept things and still refuses to talk...

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0194a35b 50fa 453e b394 937b77bb620c
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Ben Sombogaart


Nizamettin Ariç


Erçan Orhan, Halsho Hussain, Brader Musiki


Lou Brouwers

Director of Photography

Piotr Kukla


Herman P. Koerts


Burny Bos

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Dutch, Kurdish

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