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Goutam Ghose

Dakhal (The Occupation)

Edition 1982
72' - 1982 - Drama - Dialogue: Bengali
Director: Goutam Ghose Composer: Goutam Ghose With: Mamata Shankar, Robin Sen Gupta, Sunil Mukherjee
Andi, who belongs to a the Kagmara clan, a wandering and very poor tribe, is married with a higher caste farmer Joga, and then settled down with him. After their marriage they leased some saline wastelands from a landowner and then reclaimed. They really work hard to make the land fertile and productive. But after that Joga dies and Andi continues to farm their land. Then,after a political shift of power when the ceiling laws come into play by which landowner has to give up most of his lands, retaining just 25 acres, he covets the reclaimed land, which is now highly productive. His henchman tries to vacate Andi, And they began some conspirecy even to the extent of denying her marriage to Joga, setting fire to Andi's hut and even tricking her own tribesmen into testify against her. Dakhal is the story of Andi's resistance and her attachment to the land which, by the sweat of their brow, she and Joga have cultivated and made productive after many efforts and sweat.

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Goutam Ghose


Goutam Ghose


Mamata Shankar, Robin Sen Gupta, Sunil Mukherjee


Goutam Ghose, Partha Banerjee

Director of Photography

Goutam Ghose


Prasanta Dey

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