Puck Goossen

Dagboek van Charlotte S. (Charlotte's Diary)

Director Puck Goossen
Edition 1989
- 1988 - Dialogue: Dutch
Charlotte S. is a worker in Amsterdam who recently underwent an operation turning him into a trans-sexual. In an honest and moving film, Charlotte talks about her past, her present, her ideas, her problems, her emotional development and her social contacts. Far from trying to make genera! statements on trans-sexualism and free from moralizing, this film puts down the portrait of a human individual who went through very difficult moments and who had to make decisions only few have to courage to make. 'Charlotte S.' was made by a young filmmaker who proves he has all the talents to make first-class documentaries. He Iets the subject speak for himself, avoids off-screen narration and shows deep respect for the people he includes in his documentary. A good example of this is the scene with Charlotte's brother, who preferred to remain unrecognisable and whose back is all we can see.



Puck Goossen


Puck Goossen

Director of Photography

Stef Tijdink, Jules van den Steenhoven


Teun Pfeil

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Countries of production

The Netherlands