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Jean-Yves Pitoun

Cuisine américaine (American cuisine)

92' - 1998 - Comedy - Dialogue: French, English
Director: Jean-Yves Pitoun Composer: René-Marc Bini With: Jason Lee, Eddy Mitchell, Irène Jacob
Every self-respecting cook dreams of equalling the culinary genius of the great master chef Louis Boyer and his four star-rated, world-famous restaurant in the heart of France. Only someone as resolved as Loren Collins would have the chutzpah to dream of working for the infamously volatile Boyer. Luckily for Loren the dream is likely to remain just that, for he lacks any formal cordon bleu training, is employed by the U.S. Navy, comes from a family that owns a takeaway pizzeria and, most inexcusably, is a natural-born American citizen. Loren however is a determined and headstrong young man…

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Jean-Yves Pitoun


René-Marc Bini


Jason Lee, Eddy Mitchell, Irène Jacob


Jean-Yves Pitoun

Director of Photography

Jean-Marie Dreujou


Monica Coleman


Régine Konckier, Jean-Luc Ormières

More information


French, English

Countries of production

Russia, United Kingdom, France



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