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Dominique Deruddere

Crazy Love

Edition 1987
90' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch, Italian
Director: Dominique Deruddere Composer: Raymond Van het Groenewoud With: Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts, Michael Pas
Three 'Bukowskian' torrid nights in the life of a man in search of love. Harry, 12, is young and naive. Love, for him, is romantic love between princes and princesses demurely kissing each other on the mouth. His father is a hero who kidnapped his mother and married her on a lonely mountain peak - Later on, he'll do the same. But Harry has a lot to learn. He also learns that there are handsome men and ugly ones, that love can be unfair. That one can find comfort in drinking - but above all he learns that man is capable of anything - absolutely anything. - to get his share of love.

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C0e95a71 b86e 45b9 abef 2581b14e4fd6
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Dominique Deruddere


Raymond Van het Groenewoud


Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts, Michael Pas

Director of Photography

Willy Stassen


Ludo Troch


Alain Keytsman

More information


Dutch, Italian

Countries of production


Screenplay based on

Charles Bukowksi



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