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Andrea Arnold


Edition 2021
93' - 2021 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Andrea Arnold

In Cow, Andrea Arnold not only paints an intimate close-up of hows cows are being completly drained, she also catches a glimp of how they look at the world.

“This film is an endeavour to consider cows. To move us closer to them. To see both their beauty and the challenge of their lives. Not in a romantic way but in a real way. It’s a film about one dairy cow’s reality and acknowledging her great service to us. When I look at Luma, our cow, I see the whole world in her.”

– Andrea Arnold
"With Cow, Andrea Arnold created a kind of agribusiness pastoral about the daily life of cows on a working dairy farm. Her camera simply gets up close and personal with cows as they moo and trot around and give birth and stare with mysterious placidity into the camera." - The Guardian

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Andrea Arnold

Director of Photography

Magda Kowalczyk


Nicolas Chaudeurge, Rebecca Lloyd, Jacob Secher Schulsinger


Kat Mansoor

Production studios



Cherry Pickers

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Countries of production

United Kingdom




Andrea Arnold
Wasp (short, 2003), Red Road (2006), Fish Tank (2009), Wuthering Heights (2011), American Honey (2016), Big Litte Lies (tv-series, 2019)

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