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Paul Tarantino

Courting Courtney

Director Paul Tarantino Composer Daniel Gold Cast Mike Andrews, Eliza Coyle, Adam Eastwood
Edition 1997
84' - 1996 - Comedy - Dialogue: English
A moving, romantic comedy about a woman desperately searching for her Mr. Right in an ocean of Mr. Wrongs. The film makes creative use of a mixture of fiction an documentary. The story is told from the perspective of Nick, the best friend and confidant of Courtney. It starts just after Courtney’s 29th birthday and ends just after her 30th; no coincidence, because being a single woman in the nineties is one thing, but a being single woman in her thirties is quite different. It’s not easy for Nick to have a friend like Courtney. At high school they were once a couple. Now he has to watch as one man after another chases after Courtney, each totally unsuitable as partner.

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Paul Tarantino


Daniel Gold


Mike Andrews, Eliza Coyle, Adam Eastwood


Paul Tarantino

Director of Photography

William McDonald, Tom Oetzel, Serge Rodnunsky, Lawrence Sher


Agita Fanucci


Hadeel Reda, Serge Rodnunsky, Paul Tarantino

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Countries of production

United States of America