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Michel Khleifi

Conte des trois diamants (A Tale of Three Jewels)

Edition 1995
106' - 1995 - War, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Arabic
Director: Michel Khleifi Composer: Abed Azarieh With: Mohammed Nahnal, Hana' Nc'mch, Ghassan Abu Libda
Yusef, a twelve-year-old Palestinian, is a child of the Intifada : his father is in prison and his brother is a fugitive from the lsraeli army. He Jives alone with his mother and his sister. Even though his life is constantly marked by violence and repression, he lives in his imagination, often escaping from life in the refugee-carop. One day, while hunting birds, he becomes the hero of a modern tale: he falls in love with Aida, a young gipsy girl. In order to marry her, Yussef must find the three missing jewels from a family necklace, brought from South America by the girl's grandfather.

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Michel Khleifi


Abed Azarieh


Mohammed Nahnal, Hana' Nc'mch, Ghassan Abu Libda


Michel Khleifi

Director of Photography

Raymond Fromont


Ludo Troch


Michel Khleifi, Omar Al-Qattan

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Countries of production

Belgium, United Kingdom



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