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Luc Moullet

La comédie du travail (The Comedy of Work)

Edition 1988
90' - 1988 - Crime, Drama, Comedy, Adventure - Dialogue: French
Director: Luc Moullet With: Sabine Haudepin, Henri Déus, Roland Blanche
Luc Moullet is a filmmaker who plays a subtle game with the audience. He offers something to see; the audience has to put in the effort to observe the object. His approach is always humorous and not without intentional shock or surprise. He amuses himself, distorts film codes and genres. In The Comedy of Work he presents a picture of work and unemployment in France. The encounters of the three characters are unexpected. Subversion is cornbined with a smile. (Jean-Louis Manceau) The Comedy of Work is a comedy about unernployment. Moullet zeroes in on three individuals whose paths cross mornentously : a bank clerk who loses his job and is ashamed to adrnit it; a professional layabout who pref ers clirnbing mountains, and a zealous ernployment agency job counselor in love with the layabout and deterrnined to find him decent labor. (Len. in Variety, 27 .4 .88)

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Luc Moullet


Sabine Haudepin, Henri Déus, Roland Blanche


Luc Moullet

Director of Photography

Richard Copans


Françoise Thévenot


Michele Cretel, Paul Saadoun

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