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Alberto Simone

Colpo Di Luna (Moon Shadow)

Edition 1995
86' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Alberto Simone Composer: Vittorio Cosma With: Tchéky Karyo, Nino Manfredi, Isabelle Pasco
After many years of absence astro-physicist Lorenzo returns to an old dilapidated country house near the Sicilian coast. The house is just a useless relic from his past that he wants to sell quickly. He wishes to go back to Milan and to get on with his scientific research. But the renovation work being carried out by an old bricklayer and two former psychiatric patients forces him to stay on longer than he had intended. Lorenzo learns that Salvatore and his two assistants live in a therapeutic community of about twenty young people, whose mental and emotional problems are being treated by a young doctor, Titto, using rather extravagant and creative methods ...

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Alberto Simone


Vittorio Cosma


Tchéky Karyo, Nino Manfredi, Isabelle Pasco


Alberto Simone

Director of Photography

Roberto Benvenuti


Enzo Meniconi


Roberta Manfredi, Alessandro Olivieri

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Countries of production

Italy, France



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