09 20 Oct '24
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Lodge Kerrigan

Claire Dolan

95' - 1998 - Drama - Dialogue: French, English
Director: Lodge Kerrigan Composer: Simon Fisher-Turner, Ahrin Mishan With: Katrin Cartlidge, Vincent D'Onofrio, Colm Meaney
Claire Dolan, an immigrant from Dublin, works as a prostitute in New York City in order to pay off an ever-escalating debt to her pimp, the menacing Roland Cain, who's known Claire since she was a child. When her mother dies in a local nursing home, Claire attempts to extricate herself from her life as a call girl and tries to gain control over her own life again. She meets a guy in a bar and has sex, is befriended by calm cabbie Elton, visits her Newark cousin, plays with her niece, is robbed at gunpoint in Elton's taxi, and eventually starts a relationship with Elton who agrees to have a child with her and help her end the debt. In the end, however, Claire realises that she has only herself to rely on…

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Lodge Kerrigan


Simon Fisher-Turner, Ahrin Mishan


Katrin Cartlidge, Vincent D'Onofrio, Colm Meaney

Director of Photography

Teodoro Maniaci


Kristina Boden


Ann Ruark, Marin Karmitz

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French, English

Countries of production

United States of America, France



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