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Yen-Ping Chu, Li Fu

Angel Heart (Chi luo tian shi)

Edition 1995
100' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Yen-Ping Chu, Li Fu Composer: Li Fu With: Franco Chiang, Vivian Hsu, Stanley Chu
Miau-wei has just gotten out of a correction center. Two years ago his uncle was arrested for dealing drugs and Miau-wei became a scapegoat for his uncle. Jails was hell, but he didn't complain about it. Yet he told himself that he would never ever go back. The first thing he does after coming back is to see Winnie, whom he had fallen for ever since he knew her. They both get married but after six months Winnie is still a virgin. Miau-wei just can't break down the barrier, although deep down he wants her more than anything. Winnie doesn't understand why he doesn't want to touch her at all...

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Yen-Ping Chu, Li Fu


Li Fu


Franco Chiang, Vivian Hsu, Stanley Chu


Li Fu

Director of Photography

Jung-Shu Chen


Mark Wu

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Countries of production

Hong Kong, Taiwan



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