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Hark Bohm

Chetan, Indian Boy (Chetan, The Indian Boy)

Edition 1989
90' - 1973 - Western, Family - Dialogue: German
Director: Hark Bohm Composer: Peer Raben With: Marquard Bohm, Dschingis Bowakow, Willy Schultes
Montana, the 1880's. Alaska, the shepherd, settles in an area that has just been 'cleared' from indians. But Johnson, a farmer in the neighbourhood, does not feel like accepting anyone in his surroundings and drives him out, in spite of the fact that the area is not his property. Alaska frees a young indian, Tschetan, whom Johnson had kept imprisoned for cattle-theft. Together they escape, but Tschetan wants to go his own way. Alaska finds him back in a devastated indian village, where the boy is busy burying corpses. Alaska helps him and gradually, the two become friends. One day, Johnson's sons find out Alaska and the indian are still hanging around. The Johnsons set out for a raid against the intruder and the cattle-thief but their attack is shaken off. Nevertheless, Tschetan and Alaska decide to go North, because Johnson will certainly return with reinforcements ... (pressbook)

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D8dd566a 24b3 456c 9968 f645cd9b0245
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Hark Bohm


Peer Raben


Marquard Bohm, Dschingis Bowakow, Willy Schultes

Director of Photography

Michael Ballhaus


Jutta Brandstaedter, Norbert Herzner


Hark Bohm

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Countries of production

West Germany



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