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Poj Arnon

Cheerleader Queens

Edition 2003
96' - 2003 - Comedy - Dialogue: Thai
Director: Poj Arnon Composer: Sunit Asawanitkul With: Montonn Pariwat, Wongteap Kunarattanawat, Sumet Saelee
Four ladyboys move from a rural town in the north to attend school in Bangkok. At St. Mary's High School, they try in vain to join the school cheerleading team. They succeed in joining the rugby team instead, but the team members feel uncomfortable with these sexually ambivalent men on their side. However, when they score some much-needed tries during an important match, the situation changes completely. One day, Teay, their hometown ladyboy friend, comes to Bangkok to form a cheerleading team, which they name 'the queens'. From the start, a series of misfortunes befalls them. First they can't find enough members to form the team, then they don't find any sponsors. Worst of all, right before the national cheerleading contest, two of the team members get injured while practising. This heart-warming film is ultimately about the value of friendship, sexual tolerance and team spirit.

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Poj Arnon


Sunit Asawanitkul


Montonn Pariwat, Wongteap Kunarattanawat, Sumet Saelee


Haokrati film

Director of Photography

Panya Nimchareonpong


Sunit Asawanitkul

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