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Ceri Sherlock


Edition 1997
105' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: Welsh
Director: Ceri Sherlock Composer: Mark Thomas With: Aneirin Hughes, Sara McGaughey, Philip Hughes, Sue John-Davis
Partly based on a true story, Cameleon follows the journey of Delme Davies, an idealistic young soldier who deserts after witnessing the traumatic retreat of the British forces at Dunkirk. Absent without leave, he hides in the lofts of Temple Row, the terrace of Victorian cottages in the South Wales where his family lives. Despite regular raids from the military police he remains undetected as he is able to keep himself hidden by travelling from house to house using the attic that links all six houses in the terrace. From his hideaway Delme compulsively watches the lives of each of the inhabitants unfold, unaware that himself is being observed. For 18 months he hides at Temple Row, influencing people’s lives, until an unknown traitor alerts the authorities.

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D7db02ea 36a7 40f3 847c 171a177299bc
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Ceri Sherlock


Mark Thomas


Aneirin Hughes, Sara McGaughey, Philip Hughes, Sue John-Davis


Juliet Ace

Director of Photography

Peter Thornton


Chris Lawrence


Shan Davies

Production studios

Elidir Productions

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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