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Gaston Kaboré

Buud Yam

Edition 1997
100' - 1997 - Drama, Family
Director: Gaston Kaboré Composer: Michel Portal With: Serge Yanogo, Amssatou Maiga, Séverine
This is the story of Wend-Kuuni, a young man who lost his parents as a child. In spite of his adoptive family's profound affection he rives a distressing tragedy. This tragedy is all the more painful as the village community sees him as a cursed being who will bring hardship to the village. As if to prove them right, his adoptive sister is suddenly stricken by a strange disease. Wend-Kuuni is deeply affected by this and starts wondering if he is not actually the cause of all this. Razugu, a prominent man in the village, hears about a healer who is said to hold the secret of a miracle potion. He decides to send Wend-Kuuni on a mission to find the man and bring him back to his sister's bedside.

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Gaston Kaboré


Michel Portal


Serge Yanogo, Amssatou Maiga, Séverine


Gaston Kaboré

Director of Photography

Jean-Noël Ferragut


Marie-Jeanne Kanyala, Didier Ranz


Bertrand Kaboré

Production studios

Cinecom Productions

More information

Countries of production

Burkina Faso



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