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Petr Zelenka

Buttoners (Knoflikari)

Edition 1998
127' - 1997 - Comedy - Dialogue: Czech, English, Japanese
Director: Petr Zelenka Composer: Ales Brezina With: Pavel Zajicek, Jan Haubert, Seisuke Tsukahara
Six short and interwoven stories are linked by several recurrent characters who populate this strange, cruel but also optimistic and colourful world. The events take place on the night of 6 August 1995, exactly fifty years after the atom bomb fell. Two young people try to have sex during a journey by taxi. The next customer in the cab is a man who wants to catch his wife committing adultery. Fortunately for him, the woman he catches is not his wife. Ironically enough it is the wife of the unknowing taxi-driver. And the adulterous woman he was looking for is the one who used the taxi for her passionate love encounter.

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Petr Zelenka


Ales Brezina


Pavel Zajicek, Jan Haubert, Seisuke Tsukahara

Director of Photography

Miro Gabor


David Charap


Cester Kopecky

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Czech, English, Japanese

Countries of production

Czech Republic



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