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Singing Chen

Bundled (Wo jiao A-Ming la)

75' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Singing Chen Composer: Singing Chen With: Yu-Wei Chang, Mu-Tsuen Yen, Li-Te Chen, Zhong-Ying Lin
One day, while wandering around a recycling depot, a homeless man comes across a video camera. Captivated by a tape remaining in the camera, with its images of a happy family, the man, A-Ming, goes around telling everyone that the family in the video is his. Nobody believes him. Over the course of his peregrinations, he meets Yong, a Taiwanese folk song busker. The two become unlikely friends. Whippersnapper, the former winner of a million-dollar essay contest, is now living on the streets, but nobody cares and nobody seems to remember him. Wen Ping, a reporter, is the only person who knows who he is. While making an in-depth report on the homeless, she interviews A-Ming, and believing his story, she broadcasts the entire video-tape … (press kit)

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Singing Chen


Singing Chen


Yu-Wei Chang, Mu-Tsuen Yen, Li-Te Chen, Zhong-Ying Lin


Singing Chen

Director of Photography

Ko-Shang Shen


Ming-Chuan Huang

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