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Cynthia Roberts

Bubbles Galore

Edition 1997
93' - 1996 - Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: Cynthia Roberts Composer: Nicholas Stirling With: Nina Hartley, Tracy Wright, Daniel MacIvor, Shauny Sexton
Bubbles Galore is a porn superstar who produces her own unique brand of adult entertainment, pornography that everyone can enjoy. Jimmy, her distributor and chief financial backer, likes her but business is business and he needs her latest film, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, in the can within four weeks. Bubbles is smitten with ingenue Dory Drawers and hopes to make her the star of her film, but Dory is naive and not only has she no experience in porn, she has none in sex either. Bubbles must give her a crash course in both. This however, is hardly the worst of Bubbles’ problems. Godfrey Montana, the kingpin of porn and Bubbles’ former boss and boyfriend, is out to get back at her for having jilted him and having become his biggest competitor.

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06904800 328f 4f0b 9c85 e397209d81bd



Cynthia Roberts


Nicholas Stirling


Nina Hartley, Tracy Wright, Daniel MacIvor, Shauny Sexton


Cynthia Roberts, Georgina Knight

Director of Photography

Harald Bachmann


Cynthia Roberts, Su Rynard


Greg Klymkiw, Hryhory Yulyan

Production studios

Moon Pictures Inc.

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