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Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Börn náttúrunnar

Edition 1992
82' - 1991 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Icelandic, English
Director: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson Composer: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson With: Gísli Halldórsson, Sigríður Hagalín, Baldvin Halldórsson
An old farmer is put in a retirement home by his daughter and son-in-law. He adapts gradually, making friends with his new roommate and an old woman who's originally from the same region as he is. He invites her to the ball organized by the retirement home, and after the dance, the two decide to run away. He takes all his money out of the bank, buys a jeep and one hot summer night, the two leave the tranquil home and drive towards the country. On the road, a fantastic adventure begins.

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Fridrik Thor Fridriksson


Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson


Gísli Halldórsson, Sigríður Hagalín, Baldvin Halldórsson


Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Einar Mar Gudmundss

Director of Photography

Ari Kristinsson


Skule Eriksen


Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

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Icelandic, English

Countries of production

Iceland, Norway, Germany



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