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Eva Borusovicová

Blue Heaven (Modré z nebe)

Edition 1997
103' - 1997 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Czech, Slovak
Director: Eva Borusovicová Composer: Ivan Kral With: Slávka Halcáková, Zita Kabátová, Emília Vásáryová, Milan Mikulcík
Middle-aged, divorced Marta makes her living tending to her small-scale pottery-making business, but most of her time is taken up raising her teenage daughter Alica and caring for her dotty, ageing mother. Marta is clearly going through an extreme mid-life crisis, which is not helped by Alica's wild trysts with her beau of the moment or by her mother's incorrigible zest for dressing up in theatrical garb from decades past and stomping about in life-threatening high heels. Over the course of the film, the three women interact, alternately loving and supporting one another and testing that affection by their tantrums, mood swings and unorthodox behaviour. When a family tragedy intrudes on their intergenerational homestead, the three women begin to understand the mutuality of their plight.

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Eva Borusovicová


Ivan Kral


Slávka Halcáková, Zita Kabátová, Emília Vásáryová, Milan Mikulcík


Jana Skorepová

Director of Photography

Dodo Simoncic


Jiri Brozek


Rudolf Biermann

Production studios

Charlie's Pictures

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Czech, Slovak

Countries of production

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic



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