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Li Yang

Blind Shaft (Blind Shaft)

Edition 2003
92' - 2003 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Li Yang Composer: Zhang Yadong With: Yixiang Li, Baoqiang Wang, Shuangbao Wang
In a poorly equipped coalmine in northern China, Song and Tang begin a day of hard work with Tang's brother Chaolu, who only arrived a few days ago. Once they are deep underground, Song and Tang kill Chaolu. They cause the mine to collapse and manage to escape form the "accident" unscathed. Feigning indignation, they demand compensation from the mine owner. Worried that the existence of his illegal mine will come to light, the owner gives in to their demands. As soon as the two men have pocketed the money, they begin to look for a new "relative". At the station they discover a 16-year-old boy from the country. The boy's father has also worked down the mines, but never returned. Therefore Yuan was forced to leave school and find work. Tang offers to help the boy find a job if he pretends to be Song's nephew. Believing that Yuan is too young to die, Song argues with Tang. Gradually, the relationship between the two partners begins to change and, at the last minute, their plan takes an unexpected turn...

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Li Yang


Zhang Yadong


Yixiang Li, Baoqiang Wang, Shuangbao Wang


Li Yang

Director of Photography

Liu Yonghong


Yang Li, Karl Riedl


Yang Li

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Countries of production

Hong Kong, Germany



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