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Elene Naveriani

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Edition 2023
110' - 2023 - Drama - Dialogue: Georgian
Director: Elene Naveriani With: Eka Chavleishvili, Temiko Chichinadze, Lia Abuladze
Elene Navariani's acclaimed third feature follows, with unusual lightness and humorous detachment, of a woman who looks fearlessly into the ageing face of love and mortality.
A near-death experience causes a radical break and a sexual awakening in the life of the independent and unflappable Etero (Eka Chavleishvili). By refusing to settle for the (often disappointing) traditional family structures and resolutely choosing her own freedom, Etero defies the social norms of her environment. An approach to married courier Murman (Temiko Chinchinadze) unleashes a charming and eccentric love story in which Etero, sure of who she is, does not have to lose or find herself. Two years ago, Elene Naveriani brought the impressive Wet Sand to Film Fest Gent. Now, the filmmaker delivers their third feature, which once again virtuosically cuts through the intolerance in a small village and performs a protagonist who, on her terms, works her way into our hearts.
“Naveriani has given us a most unusual feminist heroine, one experiencing the mischievous, rarely seen triumph of a woman coming into bloom just as those around her are beginning to fade: the last and sweetest blackberry on the bush.” - Variety

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Elene Naveriani


Eka Chavleishvili, Temiko Chichinadze, Lia Abuladze


Elene Naveriani, Nikoloz Mdivani

Director of Photography

Agnesh Pakozdi


Aurora Vögeli


Ketie Danelia, Thomas Reichlin, Britta Rindelaub

Production studios

Alva Film



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Countries of production

Georgia, Switzerland

Screenplay based on

'Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry' (Tamta Melashvili)




Elene Naveriani
Gospel of Anasyrma (short, 2014), I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth (2017), Lantsky Papa's stolen ox (short, 2018), Red Ants Bite (short, 2019)

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