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Tian-Ming Wu

Bian lian (The king of masks)

Edition 1996
91' - 1996 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Tian-Ming Wu Composer: Jiping Zhao With: Xu Zhu, Renying Zhou, Zhigang Zhao
The King of Masks is an elderly street performer, a master of the Sichuan opera art who changes masks so fast that it seems like magic. His son died some time ago and he is a lonely man who longs for an heir, not just for himself but also for his art. Tradition requires that the art be passed on only to a direct heir and only to a boy. The story takes place in Sichuan earlier this century, during a time of great famine and social unrest. Many poor families are forced to sell their children merely to survive. The King of Masks discovers a cute, lively boy for sale, and takes him home. The boy is thrilled and offers the King of Masks the uncomplicated affection he craves for. But then the King discovers that he is in fact a girl.

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Tian-Ming Wu


Jiping Zhao


Xu Zhu, Renying Zhou, Zhigang Zhao


Wengui Chen, Minglun Wei

Director of Photography

Da-Yuan Mu


Titus Ho

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Countries of production

Hong Kong



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