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Lin Cheng-sheng

Betelnut Beauty (Ai ni ai wo)

Edition 2001
106' - 2000 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Hokkien, Mandarin
Director: Lin Cheng-sheng Composer: A-Ji & the Chairman With: Chang Chen, Tsai Chen-Nan, Sinje, Kao Ming-Chun, Kelly Kuo
The high summer heat is unbearable. A violent storm brings Xiao-feng and Fei-fei together as they both seek shelter. Xiao-feng, just out of the army, came straight to Taipei without going home. Fei-fei has run away from her family, leaving no trace. An unenthusiastic baker, Xiao-feng is not satisfied with the money he earns. Fei-fei and Yili work as “betelnut beauties” in the street. The betelnut, which has the same effect on the mind as marihuana, is particularly popular among taxi drivers and truckers. Ah-Guang and his gang control the betel nut business in the area. One day, by chance, Xiao-feng ends up at Fei-fei’s stall. He recognizes her and enjoys accompanying her home every night after work. Little by little he starts spending time with Ah-Guang’s gang. This makes him decide to quit his job and to go in with them to swindle a gangster from the gambling underworld. (press kit)

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Lin Cheng-sheng


A-Ji & the Chairman


Chang Chen, Tsai Chen-Nan, Sinje, Kao Ming-Chun, Kelly Kuo


Lin Cheng-sheng

Director of Photography

Han Yun-Chong


Liao Ching-Song


Peggy Chiao, Hsu Hsiao-Ming

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Hokkien, Mandarin

Countries of production

Taiwan, France



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