09 20 Oct '24

Compilatie usa 1912-1913

Before Hollywood 4 : leven van alledag

Edition 1988
Director: Compilatie usa 1912-1913
On the occasion of the presentation of six programmes Before Hollywood in Studio Skoop, a remarkable exhibition will be set up complementing the films you can see in the screening rooms. Interesting photographs give an idea of the circumstances in which film-pioneers made their films and how audiences could see these films. Before Hollywood therefore created an image of the first years of film and cinema in the days when film was an unusual curiosity that set people 's phantasy at work. We will not discuss whether film still does set people 's imagination at work or whether filmmakers do that for them. That is a topic for long discussions at the Studio Skoop café after the films...



Compilatie usa 1912-1913

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United States of America



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