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Bertrand Blier


122' - 1981 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: French
Director: Bertrand Blier Composer: Philippe Sarde With: Patrick Dewaere, Ariel Besse, Nicole Garcia, Nathalie Baye, Maurice Ronet
Remi is a piano player in bars whose wife, who was about ready to leave him, gets killed in an auto accident. He has to break this news to his adolescent stepdaughter Marion, which he does by leaving her a letter. They decide they must stay together for she has been like a daughter for him for eight years. But her real father steps in and claims her. He wins out after a tussle for she does not want to go. She lets Remi know she is a woman and she wants him to be her first lover, Remi is at first furious and then turns childish under her astute determination. When her schoolwork suffers, her father takes her to a ski resort. Remi goes to join her and the affair starts ... Working from his own novel, Blier's film is a surprisingly gentle Lolita-like tale. (Variety, 27/05/'81)

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Bertrand Blier


Philippe Sarde


Patrick Dewaere, Ariel Besse, Nicole Garcia, Nathalie Baye, Maurice Ronet


Bertrand Blier

Director of Photography

Sacha Vierny


Claudine Merlin


Alain Sarde

Production studios

Sara Films

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

Beau-père (Bertrand Blier)



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