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Lothar Warneke

Einer trage des anderen Last (Bear Ye One Another's Burden)

Director Lothar Warneke Composer Gunther Fischer Cast Jörg Pose, Manfred Möck, Karin Gregorek
Edition 1988
115' - 1988 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Undoubtedly they would normally keep well clear of each other, these two young men whom fate has put together in one room against their will. Their fate is called tuberculosis and the room is in a sanatorium far from civilization. One of them has put up a portrait of Stalin above his bed. Although his name is « Heiliger » (Saint ), he is pretty unholy because he's a Police Inspector dedicated to the new found state: the G.D.R. The other one is a vicar of the Protestant Church. He puts up a picture of the crucified Jesus above his bed. They soon get involved in an argument and the excitement deteriorates their chances of survival. If they want to survive both have to learn to live together. This is a difficult process full of insults and errors, for prejudice and resentment still determine the way the ideologies deal with each other. « This film concerns myself to a large extent. There is no thought which I have not experienced and suffered myself. » (L.Warneke)

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E80f5f63 a654 4932 b4aa 333544314950
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Lothar Warneke


Gunther Fischer


Jörg Pose, Manfred Möck, Karin Gregorek


Lothar Warneke, Wolfgang Held

Director of Photography

Peter Ziesche


Erika Lemphul


Horst Hartwig

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Countries of production

East Germany