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Francisco J. Lombardi

Under the Skin (Bajo la piel)

Edition 1997
110' - 1996 - Crime, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Francisco J. Lombardi Composer: Bingen Mandizabal With: Ana Risueno, Jose Luis Ruiz Barahona, Diego Bertie, Ginafranco Brero
A shy, insecure and peace-loving cop by the name of Percy Corso is appointed at the Palle police station in a small Peruvian village of the same name. Palle was once the homeland of the Moches, the violent yet beautiful people from the pre-Inca era. When a series of crimes is committed in the Moche tradition (young people with their throats cut, bulging eyes and decapitated bodies) Percy Corso is appointed to lead the investigation with a Spanish pathologist and a professor who is specialised in the Moche culture. The increasingly close relationship between the pathologist and Percy Corso moves the policeman to fiery passions and deeper urges he cannot control.

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Francisco J. Lombardi


Bingen Mandizabal


Ana Risueno, Jose Luis Ruiz Barahona, Diego Bertie, Ginafranco Brero


Augusto Cabada

Director of Photography

Teo Delgado


Fernando Pardo


Gerardo Herrero, Javier Lopez Blanco

Production studios

Tornasol Films

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Countries of production

Peru, Spain



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