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Taylan Barman, Mourad Boucif

Au-delà de Gibraltar

105' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Taylan Barman, Mourad Boucif Composer: Thierry Van Roy, Abdelli With: Mourad Maimuni, Bach-Lan Lê-Bà Thi, Abdeslam Arbaoui
Karim was born in Morocco and arrived in Belgium in the 1970s. He was only four years old when he left home with his father, Ben Omar, who came to Belgium to seek work as a labourer. When the film begins, Karim has just graduated from university. On the very same day, his father loses his job. Prey to unemployment and racist attitudes, Karim is unable to find a job that matches his qualifications. He is compelled to take on all sorts of jobs but the sacrifices he has to make go unacknowledged by his family. Whilst trying to make his way in the world of work, Karim meets a young Belgian girl. His love for her puts a strain on his loyalty to his father, as well as to the community and family tradition he represents. Karim is loath to choose between his love for a woman and filial piety. (press kit)

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Taylan Barman, Mourad Boucif


Thierry Van Roy, Abdelli


Mourad Maimuni, Bach-Lan Lê-Bà Thi, Abdeslam Arbaoui


Taylan Barman, Mourad Boucif, Gérard Preszow

Director of Photography

Michel Baudour


Denise Vindevogel


Hubert Toint

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