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Christine Edzard

As You Like It

Director Christine Edzard Composer Michel Sanvoisin, Michel Sanvoisin Cast James Fox, Cyril Cusack, Andrew Tiernan
Edition 1992
117' - 1992 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
The younger of two sibling executives has usurped the power of his elder brother. Fearing retribution from this action, he plans to strike before being stricken, causing many around him to flee lest they soon meet untimely ends, hiding out in the industrial wastelands and abandoned waterfront territories. Orlando is one such displaced runaway, an angst-ridden youth due to an elder brother, Oliver, who has the family fortune and plots harm against him. Before fleeing, Orlando meets and falls for the usurping executive's niece, Rosalind. Soon after, Rosiland must go into hiding as well, but disguised as a boy named Ganymede for protection. In the wastes Orlando and "Ganymede" meet up, but in that Orlando doesn't recognize her, Rosalind/Ganymede maneuvers him into taking lessons from her/him by which to purge him of (test) his romantic folly. Among the newly homeless people, these are not the only two entering the trials of love and wooing.

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Christine Edzard


Michel Sanvoisin, Michel Sanvoisin


James Fox, Cyril Cusack, Andrew Tiernan


Christine Edzard

Director of Photography

Robin Vidgeon


Christine Edzard, Olivier Stockman, George Reinhart

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

William Shakespeare