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Per Fly

Arven (Inheritance)

Director Per Fly Cast Ulrich Thomsen, Ghita Nørby, Lisa Werlinder
Edition 2003
115' - 2003 - Drama - Dialogue: Norwegian, Danish, French, Swedish
Christoffer Borch-Moeller is born into the Danish upper class as the fourth generation of a family who owns the largest steel ill in the country. He lives in Stockholm, owns a restaurant and is happily married to Maria, a Swedish actress. When his father suddenly commits suicide, Christoffer's mother wants him to run the family firm. He reluctantly agrees to do so, against Maria's will and much to the surprise of his elder sister's husband, who had expected to take over. As the Managing Director of the steel mill, Christoffer is forced to take drastic steps as he attempts to save the company from bankruptcy, resulting in clashes with his relatives and his wife. His choices have great emotional and personal consequences and so his inheritance comes with a rice tag that Christoffer ends up paying in full. This is the second installment of a trilogy dissecting Denmark's class system. The first, The Bench (2000) was a study of Copenhagen lowlife set in one of its blue-collar districts.

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C18bef60 4317 4a9e aea4 d13df74d43f9
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Per Fly


Ulrich Thomsen, Ghita Nørby, Lisa Werlinder


Per Fly, Kim Leona, Mogens Rukov, Dorte Hogh

Director of Photography

Harald Gunnar Paalgard


Morten Giese


Ib Tardini

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Norwegian, Danish, French, Swedish

Countries of production

Denmark, Sweden