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Philip Haas

Angels and Insects

Edition 1995
116' - 1995 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Philip Haas Composer: Alexander Balanescu With: Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit
William Adamson, a naturalist is shipwrecked on his way back from the Amazon in 1858 and all his specimens are lost. He returns to England penniless. Befriended by a wealthy collector of flora and fauna. William is instantly consumed with desire for his breathtakingly beautiful daughter, Eugenia. Their shy courtship is the picture of Victorian decorum but on their wedding night Eugenia displays an unexpected sexual passion. They rapidly produce a brood of babies. But conjugal bliss turns into confusion and isolation for William, and he buries himself in his word the study of ants…

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Philip Haas


Alexander Balanescu


Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit


Philip Haas, Belinda Haas

Director of Photography

Bernard Zitzermann


Belinda Haas


Joyce Herlihy, Belinda Haas

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"Angels and Insects", A.S. Byatt



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