09 20 Oct '24
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Sophie Kotanyi

Amor fati

138' - 1997 - Documentary - Dialogue: Hungarian, German
Director: Sophie Kotanyi Composer: Georg Klein With: Helga Lehner, Uwe Müller
This is the story of the director's family, told by her siblings and parents who belonged to a group of intellectuals, philosophers and fine artists in Budapest. Hungary after the war, Stalinism and the 1956 revolution (including archive footage), history told from a personal point of view. After the escape to Brussels the family breaks apart due to the pressures of emigration. Each one gives a different perspective on the inner dynamics of the family. A condensed, factual tale about the disintegration of a family in exile.

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Sophie Kotanyi


Georg Klein


Helga Lehner, Uwe Müller

Director of Photography

Tibor Somogyi, Tibor Klöpfler, Julie Kunert, Anne Perin


Eva Houdova, Sophie Kotanyi, Agnes Torok, Jacqueline Weiss


Gabor Sarudi

Production studios


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Hungarian, German

Countries of production

Belgium, Hungary, Germany



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