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Paul Chart

American Perfekt

Director Paul Chart Composer Simon Boswell Cast Amanda Plummer, Robert Forster, David Thewlis
Edition 1997
95' - 1997 - Crime, Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: English
Psychiatrist Jake Nyman is taking a much needed vacation from responsibility. An experimental road trip during which every decision will be made on the flip of a coin. Meanwhile Sandra Thomas, disenchanted professional, is en route to pick up her flunked out sister Alice at a cheap motel before continuing on to visit their ailing mother. After being forced off the road by a mysterious assailant, Sandra is picked up by Jake, whose coin flipping amoral attitude quickly excites her own desire to break a few rules. Jake and Sandra’s dark romance is soon driven by chance acts of crime and kindness, all governed by the flip of a coin - at least until Sandra mysteriously disappears and Jake unwittingly picks up her suspicious sister Alice.

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Paul Chart


Simon Boswell


Amanda Plummer, Robert Forster, David Thewlis


Paul Chart

Director of Photography

William Wages


Michael Ruscio


Irvin Kershner

Production studios

Ophite Productions

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Countries of production

United States of America