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Reinhard Münster

Alles auf Anfang

Edition 1994
90' - 1994 - Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Reinhard Münster Composer: Brynmor Jones With: Katharina Thalbach, Udo Samel, Harald Juhnke
Riki Rote is an actress in the so-called piquant years; she would have never claimed before that she has been a slave to her profession, and only now does she realise that the younger Nina is vying with her to be at the side of her husband and director Viktor. Nina loves herself first of all. But she naturally doesn't say that to Viktor or to his screenwriter Richard and certainly not to Kuballa's chauffeur. Kuballa is a film producer who has grown old with dignity, lives mainly from his wife's inexhaustible family inheritance and apart from that has a preference for beds other than his own. Since each of them loves something else and never the one that actually belongs to them, they all end up intriguing against each other.

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Reinhard Münster


Brynmor Jones


Katharina Thalbach, Udo Samel, Harald Juhnke


Reinhard Münster

Director of Photography

Axel Block


Tanja Schmidbauer


Gebhard Henke, Joachim von Vietinghoff

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