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Jeremy Thomas

All The Little Animals

112' - 1998 - Drama, Adventure, Thriller - Dialogue: English
Director: Jeremy Thomas Composer: Richard Hartley With: John Hurt, Christian Bale, Daniel Benzali
A traffic accident in his childhood has left Bobby brain damaged. Until her death - when Bobby was 24 - his mother had protected him from the outside world. Now his stepfather wants to institutionalise him. With no plan but escape, Bobby runs away from home and meets Mr. Summers, an eccentric. Only Bobby doesn't see him that way, as he is attracted by Mr. Summers' fondness for animals. The two have had some adventures together and grow close to each other. Bobby finds the warmth that was lacking for him at home, while the other discovers a willing listener to the hidden secrets of his past. The unavoidable confrontation between the young man and his stepfather enables Bobby to finally assume a life of independence.

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C338b092 1fda 4ff8 b994 9709acaf311e
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Jeremy Thomas


Richard Hartley


John Hurt, Christian Bale, Daniel Benzali


Eski Thomas

Director of Photography

Mike Molloy


John victor Smith


Jeremy Thomas

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Countries of production

Russia, United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"All The Little Animals" (Walker Hamilton)



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