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Ate de Jong

All Men Are Mortal

Edition 1995
93' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Ate de Jong With: Irène Jacob, Stephen Rea, Marianne Sägebrecht
Set in France just after World War II, this story centers on Regina, a celebrated stage actress and temperamental diva. She's involved in a relationship with a black musician, but clearly something crucial is missing from her life -personal fulfillment and some sense of stability. During a triumphant provincial tour, Regina encounters a mysterious stranger, Fosca, a man oblivious to the outside world and its mundane pleasures, Assisted by her loyal dresser, Regina breaks into Fosca’s room only to find an empty space, with no clothes or belongings save some papers indicating that he is an amnesia patient...

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Ate de Jong


Irène Jacob, Stephen Rea, Marianne Sägebrecht


Steven Gaydos, Ate de Jong, Olwen Wymark

Director of Photography

Bruno de Keyzer


Nicolas Gaster


Matthijs van Heijningen, Rudolf Wichmann

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Countries of production

United Kingdom, France

Screenplay based on

"All men are mortal", Simone de Beauvoir



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